DJ T-shirt | What to wear as a DJ?

If you are a DJ, you want to feel comfortable while performing a DJ-set in a club or at a festival. The T-shirt you are wearing has a very big impact on how you feel on stage. Ofcourse, you must like the design on the T-shirt, but there are a few more aspects to consider. Are you looking for the perfect DJ T-shirt to wear during a live performance? We’ve got you covered.

DJ T-shirt Crowd Control on stage - One Percent Clothing
Premium T-shirt Crowd Control (Sam Collins @ Speedway Music Festival, Germany)

What to look for?

First of all, you need to understand the different fabrics that a T-shirt can be made of. The most common fabrics used are cotton and polyester. Mostly, T-shirt made for sports or the gym are made of polyester. The most streetwear and ‘everyday’ T-shirts are made of 100% cotton or cotton(90%)/polyester(10%). Cotton T-shirts feel a lot softer on your skin and are more breathable, which is nice in a hot are like a club or a festival in the sun.

The most common cotton T-shirts are made of cotton in a range of 130 to 180 gram per meter. However, the more high-end fashion brands usually have T-shirt made of 200 – 250 gram per meter. These T-shirt feel heavier, thicker and of high quality. It is recommended to look for a T-shirt that is made of cotton of at least 200 gram per meter. On most websites you can find more information about the fabrics used.

You should also think about the fit of the T-shirt. We personally prefer to have a T-shirt with a comfortable wide fit in warmer area’s. Therefore, in the club we would recommend wearing a T-shirt with a comfortable / oversized fit.

The price of a good DJ T-shirt will usually be a little bit higher. This is because of the used fabrics and the techniques used to create the T-shirt. See it as an investment for your performance!

Don’t forget: the most important thing about a DJ T-shirt is YOU feeling amazing in it!

Our DJ T-shirt recommendations

Our Premium T-shirts are made of 100% cotton (240 gram per meter). They also have a very comfortable fit, which makes it even more breathable. We’ve had some well known DJs performing in our Premium T-shirts and they absolutely loved it.

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